Caisson inclination monitor


Provide a solution for online monitoring caisson inclination and position during placement and filling phases.

What we did

We built the solution around our SAE1 inclination sensors. A custom stainless steel sensor holder was developed to magnetically mount the sensor to the side of the caisson.

Our high accuracy GNSS receiver UKKO2 was build into the telemetry casing that can be hung over the side of the caisson. An internal battery pack ensures operation for a minimum of 48 hours to complete the operation.

All units are equipped with a 802.11s mesh unit which gives you flexible and reliable data communication from the caisson to the vessels. Our Tendo software package was used as an out off the box solution for reading the sensors, applying calibration values, storing the measurements to a database and visualizing the results.

MGB-Tech provided the mechanical design, placement principle, monitoring software and design realization.

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